“Al Goes To Hell”

Early performance art.

Almost started a riot! Also very dark. As in, dark.

Film & Video Shorts

“Yurt” Part 2: The Bloodening.

The sequel- with all the sex, gore and violence that the original lacked. But with just as much heart. Because this is also a love story. A love story about sex, gore, and violence.

“Yurt” Part 1

A story about a yurt-life.

The guys like the life, the women like the guys, but the women don’t like the life or living with the guys that live the life. Ever-onward hop the cruel foibles of fate.

“Antioch Armageddon”

Whither thou goest, college?

Over a decade later, and yet...some things never change.

Three Stars for prescience!


It’s... a head.

A lot of crew and work for just one shot, so it must be important.


Answer: She’s all that and more.

“Run Lola Run” without all the b.s., and about eight years before it, too. 14 thumbs up.

A few shorts I’ve done recently and further back. The following clips will take a minute or two to load, but they should be worth your wait. Or, if your technology doesn’t support it, might I suggest the portrait & still art galleries instead?

Quicktime Required.

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Alisa Rowe.

I captured the spirit of Alisa via her shirt, with my finely-honed documentarianistical eye.

Al Huckabee.

If you knew Huckabee, you knew flapjacks. And not the cheap kind, either.

Dan Shoemaker.

His name was Dan. Dan Shoemaker. And he was my Buddha. Watch him achieve Nirvana, ON TAPE.

A Senior Project.

Many years ago,  I recorded every single graduating student from the communications program of a small private midwestern college. The students could select to be interviewed, or have their work shown, or any combination of the two. When the project was finished and I’d received credit, I immediately locked all the footage away.

I don’t expect the following to signify much to an at-large anonymous audience, but since the students are now quite conceivably wrestling with the vagaries of middle-to-elder age, I’ve released these excerpted clips to demonstrate just how hopelessly naive and poorly-founded the Spirit of Youth really is. I’m sure they’ll fully appreciate the sentiment if they run across their younger selves here.

Emily Pins.

Poor Emily. She was a bit too hostile and sociopathic for most people, but she was severely mutilated in a car wreck, so no one felt comfortable telling her the truth about her inner self.

Jenn Weiss.

Probably the original inspiration for my portrait work. Seriously beautiful stuff.

Wendy Schwartz.

Now she’s CEO of a major culturally- and community-sensitive corporation specializing in non-profit public works. So don’t mess with her.

Doug Fischer.

Doug? He’s just this guy, you know?

M.E. Swanholm.

What a nightmare. Tried to fillet me with a balloon animal. Total PCP addict. Great dude. Really.

Jill Jackson.

And if young Nigel says he’s


He must be happy, he must be happy

He must be happy in his world.

Matt Baya.

I’m not putting any smartass comments here, ‘cause he’ll beat my smartass bloody if I do.