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Does she represent the creative spirit? Or femininity trapped by masculinity? Or the moment when youthful naivety is confronted by cynical opportunism? Or the perpetual struggle between art and exploitation?  Or something else? You tell me. Anyway, I still think Aziza did a great job. I never talked to her before or after we finished shooting this, so I don’t know if she ever did any more acting.

Along with all that, this was an experiment in spoken credits. I wanted to see how the audience would react during screenings if they were made to sit in a completely dark theater. It worked- it was pitch black, so nobody could see to leave, so they had to sit through to the end of the credits (I showed a little mercy by flashing some shots at the end, though).

And finally, the Doors song was also my internal response to Oliver Stone’s “Doors” movie, which I felt was a completely bloated and pointless film. It was probably a much more effective homage to have a bunch of people trapped in the dark while Morrison rants about blood. I’m not a big Doors fan, but I’m still right about this.